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Questions about Breast Reduction

• Is non scar breast reduction surgery possible?

Non scar breast reduction surgery is usually not possible. Only in very rare cases if the problem is ONLY about the size and no need for breast lift , breast reduction can be done with the liposuction method. However this breast reduction is very limited and a sagging breast can develope to a degree after the liposuction.


  • Will the breast reduction surgery scars bother me?

If your breats size is so large that you complain from neck, back pain this scar line will be acceptable for you and mıch more you will be satisfied with the results. If your breast size is not that much big , and in general if you are happy with the size and shape we would not recommend this surgery.


  • What precautions can be taken for breast during pregnancy?

It's not always possibel to prevent the cracks / skin lines and sagging, but in general women who regularly exercise before pregnancy, and control weight gain duruing pregnancy have much lesser lines and also sagging but no matter women take care off the skin has a spesific limit and when reachin this the skin lines can occur very easily.