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Breast Prosthesis (Breast Augmentation) Related Questions

  • Beastfeed with breast implants after breats augmentation ?

  This is one of the most asked questions of women who plan a breast augmentation surgery or had a breast augmentation surgery. Th answer is "yes" a women can breasrfeed after a breats augmentation surgery. The breast implants (prosthesis) are places under the breast gland and mammary glands, this does not have any effect on the milk ducts. A possibel risk can develope if the implants is set from the nippel area due to the incisions. Normally, however, also this is an unexpected situation but the risk of milk ducts is higher in this way.


  • Does breast implants (prothesis) cause breast cancer ?

  There is no strong scientific reserach indication a breast implants (prothesisi) and breats cancer relationship . This has been a research topic for many years in the USA. A term FDA fas forbidden the use of silicone breast implants completely. However, later research has proven that there is NO effect of breast implants and FDA has again re-released the use of breast implants again. In summary, according to our present knowledge it would not be wrong to say that breats implants do not cause the development of breast cancer.


  • What are the related factors to reach a natural result in Breast prosthesis (breast augmentation) ?

  Some local and foreign celebrities get more prominent with their unnatural breast implants results. Some of our patients show some celebrity breast photos, whose names I do not want to give here and emphasize how they DO NOT want to look like after the breast augmentation surgery. A natural breast result depends on the surgeons methods, experience. Some models have the same size breast implant but different results. It would be wrong to say that this is a breast implants is the reason for this.